Here is our latest video of some basic Montessori materials you can DIY at home, organized by age & stage.

Included are a number of different inexpensive of DIY alternatives to essential Montessori baby “toys” and materials including Montessori mobiles, Montessori mobile hangers, activity gyms, imbucare boxes, pull-up equipment, and more.

Download the printable PDF here.

Please note that this list is not all inclusive. For example, you can pretty easily make a DIY placemat for your baby weaning table, among other things; use the video as a guide.

For more information about which Montessori materials to introduce by age and stage, check out Montessori Timeline of Activities for 0-18 Months.

Hope this list helps YOU do Montessori at home, on a budget, or with what you’ve got!

I’d love to hear your ideas about what you’ve DIYd at home. Please let me know in the comments below.

Links & Resources:

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Tripod Lantern Hanger

DIY Handpainted B&W Cards

DIY Grasping Beads 1

DIY Grasping Beads 2

DIY Grasping ring & bell

DIY Shaker Rattle w/ pouch caps

DIY Sensory Shakers

PVC Pull Up Bar

DIY Shape Sorter

DIY Coin Box

DIY Stacking Toys

DIY Ring on a Mug Tree

DIY Toddler Stacking Toy

DIY Color Matching Pegs for Toddlers – The Kavanaugh Report

DIY Size Discrimination Work – The Kavanaugh Report

DIY Montessori Materials by Age & Stage

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