Here is our play-through and review of the Montessori app, “Intro to Letters” by Montessorium.

Our brief review, including limitations and benefits, is included at the end.

App includes:

– Letter tracing (lower, upper & blends/digraphs)

– Voice recording


  • Cannot compare to the experience of feeling the real sandpaper letters
  • Making errors is more frustrating
  • Child can easily and unceremoniously switch between activities – no taking out and putting away (part of the experience)
  • No trained teacher to properly introduce the work or facilitate advancement
  • Can reduce interest in actual sandpaper letters Requires some adult supervision


  • Remains fairly true to Montessori Method in a virtual environment; good presentation, self-correcting
  • Pleasant, fun and easy to use
  • Possibly good for children who might be neuroatypical, differently-abled, or cannot use actual sandpaper letters for whatever reason

Last thoughts:

  • Sandpaper letters are introduced AFTER sounds are mastered, typically between age 3-4
  • I would use the app in my home as an extension of Montessori work, after near mastery of sandpaper letters (to reinforce knowledge)
  • Not practical to use two fingers to trace (as is done in the classroom); can use stylus

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Review: Montessorium “Intro to Letters” App

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