“The best way to help children in developing free movement in the first twelve months is to provide the large, low bed we have already described, to leave them on the ground for as long as possible and to avoid putting them into any container that might limit their movement.” Silvana Montanaro, Understanding the Human Being

Hello! Today I’m going to show you an easy, inexpensive way to hang a Montessori baby mobile.

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Baby with a mobile hung on a flexible gooseneck clamp

This convenient, easy, inexpensive option dawned on me after hanging my own mobiles in so many different ways (including the lovely Michael Olaf hanger). They kept getting pulled on, knocked over, or bumped into by siblings and visiting children.

Here was the solution I recently found:

This wonderful invention is called a double-sided flexible gooseneck clamp. It can be attached to a shelf, stool, or other sturdy piece of furniture in the baby’s play area and used to hang any number of mobiles.

We attach it to our baby mirror:

The easiest way to hang a baby mobile anywhere!

This flexible clamp is pretty study, but not completely pull-proof.

It’s ideal for visual mobiles like the Munari Mobile and Dancers Mobile, and some tactile mobiles like the bell on a ribbon, or kicking ball.

It could also be used for mobiles that are pulled on, like the ring on a ribbon, but supervision would be required.

Even Easier, Less Expensive Options!

C hook

Pros: Pretty sturdy

Cons: Requires quite a long string or ribbon to hang mobile; makes a hole in your ceiling; *can* be pulled out by curious siblings (I know this from experience!)

Adhesive Hook

Pros: Easy, inexpensive; easy removal; no hole left behind

Cons: Cannot bear much weight; best for paper-light mobiles; can remove paint if removed incorrectly

Mobile Hanger or Baby Activity Gym?

5 month old grasping a ring on the Ikea Leka Baby Gym

If your baby likes to pull hard, you might consider getting a baby gym. Call me basic, but I personally like the Ikea Leka Baby Gym ($34.99) which is a tried and true classic. It’s cute, inexpensive, and sturdier than other tripod types I have seen. It has three different toys that can be switched out although I like to keep it simple and hang only one at a time. All three of my kids have enjoyed using this gym.

Do you know of any other easy, inexpensive ways to hang your mobiles?

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