Are you a parent wondering what to do with your baby or toddler? What activities do you present, and when?

Presenting Montessori timeline of activities from birth to 18 months!

This resource was created because there was nothing else like it of its kind available online, free and available to the public.

Although there is a lot of information on the internet and books about how to implement Montessori at home for for babies & toddlers, it is rarely introduced in a visual timeline format, which is the most useful and easy to follow.

Scope & Sequence: Birth to 18 Months

The above video features an original, visual timeline of physical development and Montessori-aligned materials and activities to support your baby and toddler from birth to 18 months.

This is also called the Montessori “scope and sequence” for babies and toddlers. This is the perfect video for new parents hoping to do Montessori at home with babies and toddlers but need help knowing where to start, what materials to introduce, and when to introduce them.

This timeline includes gross and fine motor l (hand control) milestones and skills by age and stage, and the Montessori materials you can introduce to support them — in the sequence that they are typically introduced.

Ages include:

• 0-3 months

• 3-6 months

• 6-9 months

• 9-12 months

• 12-18 months

Download the first version of the timeline here (PDF):…

Please let us know if this timeline is helpful to you (or if there is anything you would like to add) in the comments below. 👇

* Please note that this timeline does not cover milestones related to language, sensory development, music and art, and other areas of development.

It also does not include how to present materials, many of which do require a specific presentation in order for the child to see how to use the materials properly.

You can find material presentations online on YouTube, infant and toddler manuals (e.g., Montessori R&D), and Montessori wikis.

Thanks for reading!

Ultimate Montessori Activity Timeline: Birth to 18 Months

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